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Awaken the Passion of Love (Bible Times Book 1) eBook: Verna Hargrove: enuzesyrytef.ga: Kindle Store.
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You will be inspired to step into all that God has given you in the Sabbath. God's strength. When we hear the name Gideon, most of us think about his soldiers or the fleece he laid out under the evening sky. Some books are challenging. All rights reserved. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email This book will help you to find freedom in God's promises to us.

Priscilla Shirer Bible Study Gideon. I've pre-ordered the sequel, I was afraid I'd forget to watch for it later. Priscilla can be found speaking in many church and para-church conferences across the globe each year, as well as leading her own Going Beyond Ministries, which focuses on the expository teaching of the Bible. I've listened to Aimee on the Mortification of Spin podcast and read some of her posts before. Welcome,you are looking at books for reading, the Gods Words Of Life For Women, you will able to read or download in Pdf or ePub books and notice some of author may have lock the live reading for some of country.

The journal focuses heavily on leading women to Scripture for reflection and meditation. In the first chapter of the book of Daniel we see a firsthand accout of when he, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah whom you may know better as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego are taken captive. God s strength. Some books that I read like this often fizzle out towards the end and pack less punch, but this one only got better.

Priscilla Shirer's book has really helped us grow in this area of our lives. Priscilla is passionate about ministry, but prioritizes her calling as wife and mother about all. The choice of a devotional book is more personal than most. We are in bondage to busyness. As such she has influenced many professing Christians, mostly women. Thirty-six is a great age. If you've studied the Bible, you know the outcome. When you read the book, watch for the place where the kids notice the breastplate of the adult and what he says about the size of it.

First printing While this can be used as an individual study, there is also a DVD and study guide that can be used in a Bible study setting, which is how I went through the book. Her desire is to see women not only know the uncompromising truths of Scripture intellectually but experience them practically by the power of the Holy Spirit. They are more than just determinations you make within yourself; they are girded about with the power of the Holy Spirit - encouraging you, comforting you, Priscilla is the author of more than a dozen books and Bible studies on a myriad of topics and biblical characters including Discerning the Voice of God, The Exodus, The Armor Of God, Jonah and Gideon.

Buy priscilla shirer Books Online in India. Discerning the Voice of God - Priscilla C. Between studying and writing, she spends most of her time cleaning up after and trying to satisfy the appetites of their three growing boys — Jackson, Jerry Jr. Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. Having a hard time knowing what God is saying versus what others are sayin. Through her books and ministry she seeks to connect women with powerful truths available in God's Word. I could almost hear her talking as I read the book. Buy priscilla shirer Books at Indigo.

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Week One of the Armor of God study has been incredibly empowering. A devo… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I will be posting a chapter every Thursday. Shirer Priscilla C. Tag: Priscilla Shirer. Sneak Peek of Book Three. Prepared to humbly and obediently respond. His works emphasize contemplative prayer, subjective spiritualism, and techniques drawn from paganism, Roman Catholicism, eastern philosophy, and new age methodologies.

You will never see the creation story in the same way again. Shirer makes her acting debut in the upcoming Christian drama about prayer being a powerful weapon. This book is the study journal for a 5-part, once-a-week or intensive weekend retreat, set of Bible study sessions developed for Christian women. Use this to grow closer to God when you run errands, drive to and from work, or pick up the kids.

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Following her appearance in the hit film War Room, much has been written about her. They will now be sold in special, branded sections of more Awaken. This week in the study of Priscilla Shirer's the Armor of God book study, some very challenging personal questions are posed.

Read the introduction to week 4 beginning on page 87 in the member book. Priscilla Shirer is composed of 4 names. Recently, CBN. You can examine and separate out names. It all starts for Priscilla where it all starts for you. Ordered chest and throat xray which were clear. Ordered me to see specialist so he can scope my airway and determine the cause…it can be as simple as reflux disease, which I am not having symptoms of, or it can be much more serious. In meantime, I was put on double dose of steroids for five days.

Plus reflux meds in case that the case until I can see specialist. I have no Idea how I will pay rent and eat let alone pay for all this medical. Please Pray for me, I could really use everyones prayer. I applied five days ago online to a Christian run business who pays well for full time house cleaning. Pray that God works on their hearts to at least give me an interview. Oh Cat, I am truly sorry for your fierce trial right now. Daniel…please first accept my apology.

My computer crashed and I have just now got a new one up and running and so I am sorry for responding so late. As far as your anger, it was a righteous anger and you are human. The way you have been treated is not justified at all. I will pray for you as you requested. Please, others join with me and help our fellow saint, Cat, in her dire need at this hour and in the mighty name of Jesus so that His name be glorified, amen.

It is referred to as jibberish, showmanship and even blastphemy of the Holy Spirit in some circles. There are many more of these experienses in the life of my Bride and myself, but these two will do for now. In one month, I lost my wife, home, my two children, and my mother to cancer, and had to face all of this at once. One night, during all of this disaster, I decided that I had nothing left to lose.

That night at PM, I sat on the edge of my bed, in my soon to be gone house, with a loaded pistol, and prayed to my Abba to just take me home. My life was over. What happened next truly changed my life. But, before you do, think about the impact on your two sons. Who will finish raising them? Never had done this before. I speak in tongues quite a bit since.

I received the gift of speaking in tongues, and interpreting spoken tongues that night. The second instance I want to relate involves my sweet bride of 22 years, who passed away on October 4th. I did not seek to interpret this, as the conversation was between her and Abba. In her times of conversation, she was at total peace.

When my bride finally left to be with Abba, the look on her face was one of total peace. Yes, tongues spoken in the Spirit are real, but may never come to some believers, as they are not wanted or needed. My bride and I received this gift, among others as the Holy Spirit deemed necessary. It is fascinating, a gift, once given, is not taken back. Food for thought. We receive when we earnestly seek, with a pure, honest heart.

I know what it means to my sweet bride and I. Thank you! Blessings, shalom. Hello cat I know what you are talking about Just when you think you have satan figured out he comes at you at a different angle. In response to being able to see or hear things, I do agree this could be a form of an attack from the enemy in regards to your faith and your personal relationship with God.

Over the last few years I had stepped out of my relationship with Him, in my times of weakness, and while coming back to the Lord for repentance and searching to join in the Body of Christ, that is, the church, I found the enemy constantly trying to drag me backwards. I became incredibly depressed depression runs in my family so I can go through it from the time to time but this was something different and even trying to get back into reading my Bible would make me feel physically sick. My boyfriend was trying to help me get back into the church life and I eventually had to call out to God to forgive me of my past and to help me get back to His path for me.

After God had allowed me to be released of such things and I came to enjoy being in the Lord, I began to explore what some of that might mean and asked for His guidance. Later, He revealed to me the gift of discernment. The key point of being aware of these things in your life is to ask God what He is showing you and to not seek what the enemy is up to. It is through our faith in Him that may go through many trials and hearing or seeing things might also be one of them. The real part of that is to ask God what is going on. He is the one with all the answers. And though we may seek others that have been through similar experiences, HE is the one with the true answers.

You have to keep in mind that what we go through in our own lives is different for all of us, as God has made us to all be different and any gifts he has given us we need to learn to be interdependent, not independent. More recently I have felt a call to bring such things to the attention of our brothers and sisters in Christ for I have come to realize, over the last year, that I am sometimes sensitive to the spiritual realm around me.

But I also realize that it is only God that allows this to happen and that my first response must always be to pray to Him and ask Him if there might be something He is trying to reveal to me, a person to pray for, a situation to pray for, someone to share Christ with, etc. The list can go on. But this also means you need to work on your relationship with Him daily and grow in that so you will have that faith that He will take care of you and not allow anything to harm you.

As Christians, it is so easy to become stuck in our daily lives that we easily forget about the fact that we are sharing the same space as those in the spiritual realm that is, the devil and his minions, as well as the angels God sends down to complete His Will.

But this does not need to be our focus. Our focus must always remain on God. My answer to you on this subject would be to seek God and ask Him what is going on. Look into any ministry areas He might be calling you to go to that concern whatever it is that He is allowing to go on around you. Keep your faith in Him as our provider and Lord of all seen or unseen , and remember that we need to seek Him first and foremost.

We can move on and seek what His will is for us in our lives. Praise be to God for such wonderful and mysterious works! He is our Savior and Lord, our Deliverer in times of distress. I believe this is an exhortation I needed to hear. When the adulterous relationship was revealed to me that my husband had been doing for over 14 years at the time and that had produced two children I recall this hitting me like tsunami. I know from the Word that we are to walk by the WORD and trust in the Lord but though I had experienced many kinds of things in terms of what the world , the flesh and the devil through at you and God may allow I did not know HOW to forgive THIS kind of betrayal from this close a relationship.

After all in the Bible those who committed adultery were sentenced to death and families were those who took up the care of the abandoned , widows, and orphans. Since there were no accusers he could not lawfully pass a sentence condemning the woman according to the laws which were put in place to eliminate those who sinned in this way as well as any other sinful practice lest it spread throughout the land due to the seeming tolerance of sin.

So the situations of these kinds of debilitating and destructive sins in this day and time , where adultery is not only tolerated but encouraged in our society AND rewards are often offered to women who have children out of wedlock , the victim of such sinful crimes is left to try to figure out what is the way to go on in life as Christ would have us do.

I agree that what you learned while walking in your relationship with the Lord has been very different than many who teach about such things. It is the difference between the relationship with Christ and really learning what HE says in the Word and how that is applied to our living life in this fallen world. I have read many testimonies of how frustrated people who have gone to get help who have come away with either useless , cliche advice , or worse , damaging them by lack of wise counsel upon this most difficult issue. This is not that I would want anyone to be stoned to death or any of the other horrible ways that have been inflicted upon those who commit this sin BUT it was a deterrent useful to reduce the amount of people willing to risk it in those days and times when it was the prescribed punishment.

SO we have a lack of knowing what to look for and how to determine the true devotion of anyone who claims the Lord …until there has been sufficient time in study and right doctrinal instruction for a person newly entering into Christ. I know of many who suffered the realization that they married a person who was not seasoned in their faith and tried by various incidents that called for them to walk in the Truth rather than give in to the world and their flesh in the face of temptation.

So many terms have been rebranded in the faith that many people have no idea how the interaction between the Lord and their thinking is to be walked in. We are all given the command to study and rightly divide the Word personally. So I see that many entering into trusting Jesus have no idea that some teachings and teachers are not trustworthy but are wolves and this has been the case now for most of our society for over years …of course it has gone all the way back to Eden , but more recently there was a movement to assault the church more by design of the enemy of GOD and of those who God loves.

I am very pleased to read that your exhortation encourages those who believe and want to learn from GOD in how they might be assured that they will be led by Him. Learning how to ask the Lord when we need to know is extremely helpful, useful toward our being instructed in as the Word is how the man of God is fully furnished unto all good works..

A marriage is something brought to pass as a man and a woman vow to GOD and one another before witnesses , God does not ordain nor bless any perversion of this kind of commitment. Man does not define what love is by his feelings and appetites and Man does not put assunder what GOD has ordained and joined. HOW to respond to such a sin as adultery has to be by HIS ordained wisdom which we are to search out. Some say so citing the way we are to separate ourselves from unbelievers and unrepentant …all the while forgiving and leaving the door open for repentance. Rom Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it. Mar And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. Rom For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Jhn Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. Pro He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live. So it is I am the slow learner but one thing I do …not give up …not get talked out of continuing in the Word of GOD …. Jhn Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;. Coming to realize this was a big deal for me.

This led to many difficulties and bondage to submission to others. Lifting up men is not useful and oftentimes is destructive. This is where the false teachers take advantage for their own agendas. Learning to heed the Word of GOD and turning to Him , asking questions and knowing He will bring the answers to mind and through study of the Word has been a big key for me to become free from being a slave to other people.

I am thankful to have been learning I can speak directly to the Lord and He will bring to mind answers …I can access His wisdom without any other mediator other than my Lord Jesus and He will continue to teach me. I also have been becoming equipped through applying the Word in all situations what is true in many difficult situations. I am thankful that GOD is not unfaithful to do all that He has promised in terms of maturing those who are willing to keep on going after Him despite stumbling and fumblings.

We need not condemn ourselves for where we have been deceived. In truth we are born into a deceitful world that is set before us from childhood as truth when it is not. All the more needed for parents to learn from the Lord the scriptures and teach them to their children. Believers are learning to realize the way this works that we might continue to have hope in Christ and all He has promised and to live by faith which HE provides and strengthens as we obey Him.

I do think your post encouraging us to ask about things in our path that we are brought to pay attention to are to be realized as useful for us to learn about things GOD would have us take note of and learn from HIs perspective about their true nature and effects. I have seen and learned many times about truth of GOD world view by way of having had something bring my attention to study of something in the Word. I am thankful to God for this important truth for us as we learn to walk along trusting what GOD has had recorded in scripture for us to also learn from in the present life we are living through this world.

Jhn It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Pastor Jack. This is a great article! Where can I find those resources? I have read a couple of your articles, found a link to your archive and plan to read many more! Do you have a resource for a strong Bible-based forum for Christian discussion? I want to be certain I am getting God-breathed responses to my questions. I know many other Christians are feeling His call more than ever.

He is prompting me to study, dive into His Word, learn from others that are His teachers and spend more quality time with Him. I am waiting on His leading and for Him to point the way. I will do whatever He wants me to do, go where ever He wants me to go — in His name, for His glory. Hello Cynthia. Thank you for your encouragement and I am thrilled that you want to grow and to also find out what your gifts are to strengthen and serve the Church of Jesus Christ. Here are a couple of links that allow you to take a test to find out where your gifts or strengths are at:.

Here is a test for adults but this website also have ones for youth too but I perceive you are an adult just from the maturity you wrote with:.

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As for having a forum or website that allows discussions for Christians to grow, there are several but some problems occur where readers differ and sometimes argue over non-essentials to salvation issues that are needless to debate. What I sense you want is to grow and many churches have Sunday school programs such as the church I am under-shepherd of that allow the class to have input which we do. Others have Sunday night services that are dedicated to a more intensive Bible Study and still others have Weds. There are many Christian forums but you will find that frequently they are taking about issues that do not have to do with doctrine but about personal beliefs in grey areas that sometimes lead into wrangling which the Bible commands Christians not to do.

Please note that our website allows comments on all of the articles and you can ask or comment with other readers and even the authors of these articles and to me, it is one of the greatest tools for growth. The vast majority of our readers and commentators who reply with comments have so much to add that I grow too in the process.

I hope this helps. We have over articles about various topics. Need Answers? Ask Us. Happy hunting and growing in grace and knowledge Cynthia. I took both tests and found that Faith was very strong on both. I also had a strong aptitude for Mercy on both. Is it possible through study, prayer and training to strengthen a particular gift? Or does the Spirit fill your cup up only so much? I am earnestly seeking. For clarification, I am an adult 54 years and have actually been a Christian for about 40 years now. A falling down, mess of a Christian at times, but one with a testimony! God if faithful.

God is faithful. Thank you Cynthia. I describe myself to the church as a train wreck but God can never fix us until we are first broken. Also, I believe that if you feel called into something, like for example visitation which is part of mercy by visiting hospitals and nursing homes, you will find whether you really feel passionate about it or not by just diving into it. No harm. If you feel passionate about something, that is almost always an indication that you are called to that for God gives us a passion for something we are likely gifted in.

I regularly visit our local nursing home and these residents are so lonely. Same for hospital. These tests were written by humans and not inspired by God and so just use them for a guide only. Other Christians will sometimes either confirm your calling in such an area and other times you will feel complete peace or joy about it. Let that decide and no test score alone. The Spirit never errs…but tests and yes, I do too are not inspired by God.

Hope this helps. Brother Jack once again I agree with what you are teaching the only thing we differ on is I beleave tongues are still in the church today. Hurry up and write some more articles im enjoying reading them I share them on my facebook many times to other Christians and unsaved friends.

I just wanted to share what I have found out on tongues and how the Spirit, I felt, led me to a definitive answer. I have struggled with this question, literally, for years — at least 30, I would say. It began with an experience that occurred when I was friends with a young man who was Charismatic and was, he, himself, very charismatic! He introduced me to the concept of speaking in tongues. He did it himself and encouraged me to do so as well.

It made me feel inadequate as a Christian and I so wanted to be fulfilled by everything the Spirit had to offer, yet, somehow, I could just not muster a syllable. Then one evening, we had a small prayer group of mostly his friends that I had become acquainted with and they laid hands on me. I opened my mouth and out spilled this gobbledy-gook of words that I knew in my heart I was just making up so that I could prove to them that I had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I felt shame, not joy. I continued to fake it, questioning the depth of my faith and why the Spirit was not giving me this gift. As we walked into the front door, we were met with loud praying by the large group that was in the front room — they were all chanting and uttering what seemed to be other languages or random syllables. The Holy Spirit in me resisted and wanted me out of there.

It was as though a huge red flag was being waved and I asked my friend if we could leave. We walked right back out the door. My friendship with him dissolved soon thereafter. I no longer felt like this was a teaching I could follow — the Holy Spirit led me away from it. Over the years, I continued to ask questions from time to time of people who I considered filled with the Spirit of God.

Time and again, I would receive confirmation that tongues was an edification for the person, not God, and served no valid purpose in the way it is practiced by various Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. I also would encounter those that spoke in tongues. I would usually not react adversely in any way or judge that person, but I still did not feel at peace with it. Are there people that speak in tongues today? Does the language always come from God? Over the years, I maintained a contact with this old Charismatic friend of mine.

He is a pastor now, an author, a teacher, a mentor, a counselor and has a ministry in Africa. I have an Agape love for him. Regardless of our different beliefs in speaking in tongues — and he still does — he is a brother in Christ. Yesterday, the question came up again for me. Even though I had sought answers and felt that I had found them, I asked God once more to show me the truth. I opened my Bible and went where God led me. He goes into great detail and spends a little extra time talking about the gift of tongues. He emphasizes that all are an important part of the Body of Christ but goes on to say that not all Spirit-filled Christians possess ALL the gifts but the Spirit apportions them as is the Will of God.

Now, in 1 Corinthians 14 Paul goes into more detail about tongues. He is actually warning the Corinthians to NOT use the gift of tongues in a manner that would hinder the unbeliever. A miraculous event! The act glorified God and brought many to a believing faith in Jesus. It was also a sign in those early days of the ministry, so that the disciples would be assured that their message and the subsequent embodiment of the Holy Spirit was taking place.

So, no sooner had I thanked God for finally giving me clear answers in His Word, then my Charismatic friend sends me a message. This led to an online discussion and finally a phone call conversation on the subject of tongues. He proceeded to lead me through scriptures that said again and again that there would be outward signs of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. One new one he shared was Acts , 46 in which Cornelius a gentile and his household received the Holy Spirit and burst out speaking in tongues.

But why? This was a sign to Peter that the Holy Spirit was also for gentiles. He got the message. Jesus is for ALL. I admitted to my friend that I had faked it all those years ago. I stood on the message that God had given me that I did not have to speak in tongues to know that the Spirit is alive and working in me. I already know it. And as far as other spiritual gifts? Yes, I have them. But, tongues is not one of them. God has blessed me, protected me often from myself and humbled me over the years. I have experienced the presence of the Spirit for over 40 years.

My question is why do those that speak in tongues do so? Well stated Cynthia. John 15 I believe it is that we can do nothing of ourselves but if we abide in His Word and He abides in us, then we will produce fruit revealing that we are His and He is ours. Thanks for such a deep and revealing comment. I agree, Pastor Jack. I had reached a point of asking the big WHY?

Why are we here, why did you make me, what am I missing? I had been feeling distressed and anxious about my life for a while. Of course. In front of me the whole time, interwoven in my life and yet for the first time I really understood that God IS love, God created us because He loved us and He wants us to love Him. He never forces anyone though. That was a break through moment in my faith walk. It was a deeper understanding of the nature of our loving God and every day I just keep falling deeper in love with Him.

It was at that moment that I also understood the vitality of our relationships with one another, our family, our friends, and the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as all humanity. Greetings Cynthia thank you for your reply let me start by saying tho I do speak in tongues some times it is not a massage with interpatation I find that when I am prazeing god or praying some times the holy spirit moves on me and I may utter words not in English but they allways help me to give god the glory and then I will keep prazeing and praying in English yes if we pray in tongues or English or any learned language god hears his children because he hears our heart you do not have to speak in tongues to be saved and go to heaven I find that they do edify me as I feel gods spirit moving in me and upon me reasureing me.

I will pray in the spirit tongues and I will pray with my understanding English I have never tried to fake tongues in any way. I don,t speak in tongues all the time I pray in English most of the time. The Holy spirit is a gift from the father and Jesus to every born again child of god. The gifts of the spirit are gifts from him to the church. Peter said you shall receive the gift of the Holy spirit if you repent and are babtized.

Thank you Jerry for your comment. Paul said that not everyone has every gift and so no, not all speak in tongues, and your experience you gave can not be more important than the Word of God. If all were the eye, then how could the Body of Christ, the church, walk in faith? If all were a hand, then where could the Body go without an eye? Make sense? Thanks fellow saint. Brother Jack I didn,t mean to sound like I was saying that a person has all the gifts at one time and what I ment when I said that people have a hard time beleaving that god gives tongues today is there are so many people saying they are not for us today but they say the other gifts are for us today it seems they beleave in the other gifts but not in tongues.

I was not meaning it was necessary that all should speak in tongues but many people don,t want any thing to do with tongues even tho they are a gift of the spirit. Hi Jerry, Thank you for your great response. I have no doubt that the Spirit moves you in your prayer to speak in tongues. Paul said he spoke in tongues more than all of them. I have some other gifts that are very strong, however, and I am prayerfully seeking His will. That is not to say that at some point God might bestow a gift of tongues upon me if it was His will and was for His glory. Paul was very clear about that point.

Jesus is the only Truth. As long as we agree on that, brother, we agree. Cynthia, I think that you are on the right track with the topic of speaking in tongues. Those who babble like your friends are not speaking in tongues. If they were then there were be people listening who spoke a different language than theirs and those people would understand them.

That it what took place on Pentecost. The reason for that gift was that there were people assembled from many areas and different languages. To be honest I have never met nor heard of anyone speaking in tongues. It is not needed in the current world in most situations. There may be a time in the future when it will again be a more common gift. Today we have many people who can translate English and many who already speak or understand English around the world.

Just my 2 cents worth. Take care. Amen Cynthia. This is well said and is an accurate comment reflective of what the Bible actually teaches. I appreciate your coming here. Thank you. Thanks Jerry. I love the grace and humility you have my friend. You wanting to share the gospel is wonderful because only 1 in 20 believers have ever led more than one person to faith in Christ. That is not good but I see you have a passion for the Great Commission. Your own personal testimony is a great way to do so. No one, as you say, can dispute this because it is objective testimony to the work of God in your life.

Here are a couple of links that may help you, particularly if you do street evangelism or door to door:. Do Good People Go? Jerry, I so covet humble, contrite Christians like you and again, I must say I am so impressed by the evidence of the Holy Spirit in you my friend. I so much appreciate and thank God that there are still believers like you and Cynthia that are desiring to bring glory to God and Jesus Christ specifically and that there are such men and women of faith like you two…you inspire me, encourage me, and build me up by such words.

Hi Jerry…Okay if I am not misunderstanding what you are asking, wanting to know why so many Christians are against the modern practice of tongue while they easily accept the other gifts of the spirit, the simplest answer is that the time for tongues as a gift benefiting the church has past with pentecost. As Pastor Jack said many time before, this was a signs gift given to glorify God and prove Christ deity!

Just like so many big in your face miracles like the feeding of the loaves and fish. These things proved to the Jews and the gentiles that Christ was the son of God. It was also necessary for the spreading of the word and the formation of the new church. This is why it was never to be used in public without an interpreter…It was so that foreigners could understand what was being preached and to provide prophesy.

The reason we do not practice it today is because it is simply not needed in the modern church. The time of prophesy has ended and we are in the time of the fulfillment of prophesy for the coming of the end times. We can preach in any language needed either because we have ministers of all nationalities and in most every country, or we can use interpreters. Miracles do still happen and so they are still a valid church gift of the Spirit but even those have changed…We have miracles happen all around us if we open our eyes and accept God, we can see them. However we no longer need the parting of seas,etc.

The bible tells us that once the church was established and Christ had returned to his father, we are to believe by faith, not signs. When big churches tell people they must speak in tongues to show salvation, that is not biblical teaching. Also the fact they have no interpreters is not biblical. Finally the fact that many times they are in a frenzy and babbling in no actual language is not biblical, not of God, and sometimes possibly of the enemy not God! God is never the Lord of confusion! With that said, the bible says if it is done in private such as in your own Prayer life , because it can not be translated, it is to remain between you and God!

So as long as this is not happening in church without proper interpretation, than that is between you and God. I am sure that if you have tongues as a private gift, you still have one or two more gifts that fall into the catagory of Gifts of the Spirit which are still needed and used validly within the church today! Greetings cat If you could please give me the scriptures that says that the time of tongues have passed and we don,t need them in the modern day church. Im not writeing this to sound mean but in love Im the type of a person that has to have bible proof.

In acts chp 2 when they received the Holy Spirit peter said this is what the prophet joel said would come to pass in the last days so we must assume the last days started back then but he goes on to mention in the 20th verse all the way up to the great and notable day of the lord the second comeing of the lord so if I am understanding him he is saying he will pour his spirit out upon all flesh up until that time. Im just a country man ive not went to a bible college and I am still in search of answers from the word of god so please don,t misunderstand what I have written it is in love and I am nothing and Jesus and his word is every thing.

Maybe I can help Jerry. No one was more charismatic than Paul, yet the Lord revealed to him that those sign gifts were going to cease:. What biblical or theological evidence is there that tongues have ceased?

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First, the gift of tongues was a miraculous, revelatory gift, and the age of miracles and revelation ended with the apostles. The last recorded miracles in the New Testament occurred around A. From A. Miracle gifts like tongues and healing are mentioned only in 1 Corinthians, an early epistle. Two later epistles, Ephesians and Romans, both discuss gifts of the Spirit at length—but no mention is made of the miraculous gifts.

Here Paul writes of the gift of tongues, the gift of prophecy and the gift of knowledge see 1 Cor. When you turn to the prison epistles, the four letters written shortly after the end of the Book of Acts, while Paul was a prisoner in Rome—Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and Philippians…and we find that there is not one word about tongues, or the gift of healing. The sign gifts were no longer operating at the time that Paul wrote the Prison Epistles. It is clear that the gift of healing has ceased because, as in Philippians, Paul was no longer able to heal, even his co-workers.

Timothy was suffering stomach problems and frequent infirmities 1 Tim. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. The most powerful use of the tongue today is to tell others about their sin and their need for a Savior, right?

Also to edify and encourage one another. Thank you Jerry…you remind me of the Bereans…and I myself am often challenged to dig deeper myself. Hello brother jack as I haved studied on this subject I was tossed to and fro trying to have piece in my heart and mind. In ad Justin martyr made this statement that there were men and woman among them who possess the gifts of the spirit of god for the propetical gifts remain with us even to this present day.

At the end of the second century Irenaus made this statement. In like manner we all so hear many brethren in the church who possess prophetic gifts and who through the spirit speak all kind of languages. In ad Augustine made this statement after saying the gifts disappeared later changed his mind and wrote we still do what the apostles did when they laid hands on the samartians and called down the holy spirit on them in the laying on of hands it is expected that the converts should speak with new tongues.

This was after the bible was canonized.

But doesn,t the bible teach of a former rain and a latter rain if im understanding that right its talking about an out pouring of the holy spirit. They are of god or there not of god. In my heart I have piece to say I beleave they are from god- tho I know that some of them can be faked. Thank you Jerry…yes, it is time to move on as we can agree to disagree and not be disagreeable as you have not been and you are not or have been disagreeable and I thank you for that.

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Since not all, even in the early church, Paul wrote that not all speak with tongues, then clearly Augustine was wrong and certainly I must believe what is in the Bible over these early church fathers. What source did you find to say that these men talked about tongues as necessary?

I have never found these sources. That is the real evidence of conversion, right? We can therefore move on to something else my friend. Im the type of person when I wrong I will admit it. When I started checking out my sorce I found it not exactly like he said. I did find some of the things he said but I still have not found what he said Augustine said but if he did say that in ad it doesn,t answer the question why was the gifts seem to be so silent for hundreds of years until the late or early and then make an appearing again.

I am asking the holy spirit to give me the answers to the questions I have in my mind and heart and I beleave the bible has an answer to every question we just have to dig for it. May the lord Jesus Bless you. Thank You. Meetings and Travels. Abraham was a Godly Man that stood before the Lord Genesis b. All of our resources exist to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. The CEP website contains sermon starters as well as an archive of audio sermons. How do bad, broken people get the good life?

We do offer a weekly children's sermon and monthly Time Together devotional on a regular basis. Rosscup - Calvin is always worth reading, and one will find much insight at times on verses as well as the character of Jeremiah. Executable Outlines by Mark A. On May 22, , Joplin, Missouri was hit by a massive EF5 tornado, plus mph winds pummeling brick and mortar, land and life. Sermons from Faithful Word Baptist Church. Ezekiel in which Israel's leaders are judged for their various abuses. Our sermons and talks library is searchable and contains a number of items that you may like to download for your own personal use.

The people that had any power abused it, and even the buyers and sellers find some way to oppress one another. Scripture: Luke Synopsis of Ezekiel 37 The threatenings of the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem for their sins, which we had in the former part of this book, were not so terrible, but the promises of their restoration and deliverance for the glory of God, which we have here in the latter part of the book, are as comfortable; and as those were illustrated with many visions and similitudes, for the awakening Title: Subject: Delivered By: Central Passage: Date: September 22, "You Can't Serve Two Masters" Pastor Bremer: Luke Sunday, September 22, Ezekiel is then handed a scroll, on which is written "words of lament and mourning and woe.

This may be in natural phenomena such as cloud or fire, in human form or in prophetic visionary experience. Listen to 9 sermons by Leonard Ravenhill on the book of Hebrews. Please bear in mind that Coventry Cathedral retains the copyright on all material available on this site. Bibles, commentaries, sermons, and more are linked to this page We are pleased to provide you with the full text of select First Presbyterian sermons. The Sermons given below may or may not have been given approval by Herbert W.

Feel free to download and distribute these files for non-profit and non-commercial use in their entirety without changes of any kind. Ezekiel "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

Preparing the Way. Response form for Abide in Christ. As men gather together silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin into the furnace, to blow the fire upon it for melting, so will I gather you together in my anger and my wrath, and put you in and melt you. Not a soul.

The people have a faulty heart We have come to the end of our studies in this long and important book of the Old Testament, the Prophecy of Ezekiel. Troubled times and personal crises. Praise the Lord Forever and Ever Psalm — 1 Kings —19 Ahab is duly retrieved from his search for fodder to meet the man he holds responsible for what has happened—this troubler Hb.

Wilson, professor of leadership formation and the director of the doctor of ministry program at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Ezekiel is in the valley of dry bones. Nothing could be further from the truth! The invading Babylonians brought about ten thousand Jews to the village in BC, including Ezekiel and the last king of Judah, Jehoiachin 2 Kings — Ezekiel 22 - Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the bloody city?

Sermon on the Mount. Day of Idol Worship. Index Find resources related to specific topics, teachers, verses or keywords by clicking the index options below. Ezekiel 34 on by Pastor Chris Nafis. W e encourage everyone to read or listen to these sermons. Nebuchadnezzar had carried him away when the nation of Judah was taken captive.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones] on Amazon. Vernon McGee's unique brand of rubber-meets-the-road teaching, or his passion for teaching the whole Word of God. Among all Israel, God can find no man who will lead the people in His way, so He allows the natural processes of destruction and degeneration to occur. Ezekiel 33 on by Pastor Steve Rodeheaver. The scene of a heavy defeat, full of confusion and disorder. They are a fine example of preaching evangelistically from a consecutive passage of the Old Testament.

Bob Utley. While Jeremiah was being a prophet in Jerusalem, Ezekiel was a prophet at the very same time as Jeremiah, except Ezekiel was in Babylon. September 22, 30 a. Pentecost 22 Paying Taxes to Caesar, Matthew The people listen — Vs. Advent Sermon Series at www. Unless otherwise noted, these sermons are by Joanna Harader. The sheer length will keep many away, and several other works get to the point more directly. Purpose of Writing: Ezekiel ministered to his generation who were both exceedingly sinful and thoroughly hopeless. So I will pour out my wrath on them and consume them with my fiery anger, bringing down on their own heads all they have done, declares the Sovereign LORD.

Ezekiel the prophet was given some astonishing visions of the glory of God and delivered many of his prophetic words of warning through acting out on the stage of life the approaching judgements of God. Note: This commentary adheres to a literal interpretation of the Scriptures, a belief that God is not yet finished with the nation of Israel, a belief in a literal return of Christ to literally reign and rule on the earth for years.

Is God calling you to service? For those seeking an introductory level commentary on the book of Ezekiel, the best place to turn is this commentary by Derek Thomas. Mike Minnix. These messages are posted here in the hopes that they will minister to a wide audience. Listeners never seem to tire of Dr. If at any time, something is found within any of these sermons which is contrary to the teachings found within the scriptures, let us know. One thing alone could stem the tide of judgment—Prayer. Bob was born in in Houston, Texas. Evidently, Ezekiel knows that the message he is to proclaim portends impending disaster, yet he thoroughly enjoys the task given to him.

Revelation , And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. NOTE: Rev. They may contain doctrine not taught by the Church or Armstrong. We began our studies with the first section of the book, a long series of prophesies Ezekiel received and proclaimed prior to the de… Standing In The Gap Ezekiel Older sermons are available at: mennosermons.

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