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More filters. Sort order. Apr 19, Karla rated it it was amazing Shelves: reunited-lovers , second-chance , uplanned-pregnancy , virgin , wonderful-secondary-characters , freebie , emotional , family-drama , funny , tear-jerker. Another great book by Theresa Ragan. This author really knows how to weave an intricate tale with a wonderful group of characters that all add to the storyline. The focus here is on Max and Kari, but the additional characters add so many layers to this well written, nicely developed book.

Ragan has the uncanny ability to give us more than a one-dimensional plot. She adds bonus romances to the main one of a lost love and the possibility of renewal between Max and Kari. There is an Wonderful! Somehow they all intertwine, because at the heart of each relationship, is the subject of children. There is no confusion or the feeling of being overwhelmed, it works and works well, because at some level they are all involved with one another. Each of the relationships wraps up nicely, but the sweetest one and the ending that brought me to tears, was the one that took a backseat to the other two.

When all was said and done, it had the most emotional impact for me. The entire book is filled with so many heartwarming moments, revelations, great dialogue, some humor, and because the writing is so good, it felt very real. Why is this so important to me? View all 13 comments. Sep 24, Rebekah rated it it was ok. I am almost kind of ashamed I subjected my brain to the torture of reading this book.

This book has no depth what so ever. It's like the book equivalent to some low rate rom-com where the two main characters have absolutely nothing in common, but for some reason, fall in lurrvv. Then they continue to do stupid things to mess up the relationship and swear to never speak to each other again, only to realize they are madly in love and get married and have a billion kids. The End. This was nothing m I am almost kind of ashamed I subjected my brain to the torture of reading this book.

If you like depth and peace of mind to your stories I suggest finding something else, with like a plot and less stereotypical characters. View all 3 comments. Apr 20, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. A delightfully entertaining story with the typical gorgeous, rich, unable-to-commit pro football star.

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It appears that Max doesn't have a clue to her identity. From family, friends, and teammates, the secondary cast is superb and adds lots of flavor some sweet and some downright bitter to this already tasty treat. Their encounters are every bit as good as those of our main characters. No sequel required -- our author wraps everything up in a tidy little epilogue that was delightful. Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a fun-filled contemporary romance.

View all 6 comments. A cute contemporary sports romance, it even had an interesting secondary romance. The author has a nice writing voice for this genre and I would read more, but this one lacked a bit on the story. I'm not a fan of secret baby romances, especially when the secret tends to linger far too long. It wrapped up with a good ending, so I'd recommend it if you like light contemp romances and don't mind the 'secret baby' plot device. May 20, Beate rated it it was ok Shelves: athletes , romance. Let me start off with saying that the author has a clear and easy language.

She doesn't fall into any of the weird grammar-pits so many self-published authors do. Taming Mad Max would have been much more joyful to read had the author not fallen into the cheesy plot-pits. One of the pits this author did fall into, is so-called brand-naming. That will out-date your book very quickly. You don't namedrop contemporary artists, songs, brands or any of the like. In a few years some readers might go "who Let me start off with saying that the author has a clear and easy language. In a few years some readers might go "who?

Another thing that had me rolling my eyes, was when one of the characters was going to ask for the negative of a photo of her in some rag. I have several issues with this. First of all, the paparazzi today don't use film. It's all digital. So there is no negative to be had. Second, if were were talking about photographing on film still, no photographer in their right mind would agree to a cutting up a roll of negatives or b send the original negative to some no-name woman who happened to be in the background in a picture in a rag.

Third, if you know nothing about photography or how the media or paparazzi works, don't use it in your book. Makes you look like you're trying much too hard. Really, know what you write and write what you know. I can't seem to say it enough. If you don't know something, and you really don't want to do enough research to learn, don't write it in. It's that simple. Secret baby, instant love albeit 14 years later , two sports bad-boys doing the and falling for 'normal' women - and so on, and so forth.

It's like the author took every cheesy plot she could think of and crammed it into this book. It seriously became all too much, and flags the book as "could not happen in a million years".

Taming Mad Max by Theresa Ragan (2013, CD, Unabridged)

There really are no surprises in this book. If you've read your fair share of romance books even erotica books , it all becomes a little too predictable. The sexy cover on this book is misleading though. There isn't much to be sexy about in this book. This book is very clean and only hints at anyone having any sex. You don't get to be the fly on the wall for any sexy romps between the sheets.

For a book about athletes, we don't get much field-time with the boys. Half the reason women read sexy books about athletes is because we like to read about them being all sexy and sweaty doing whatever sport it is they do. We only get a brief scene on a field during practice, but there isn't much practice going on there when the author takes us there.

Overall the book feels very rushed. It's as if the author needed to cram as much stuff onto the pages as possible. There was no dwelling on the characters or what they were doing or feeling. This book hits the ground running, and doesn't stop until the epilogue is over.

There really is so much drama in this book, another author might be able to write three books instead of just the one. Seeing how lately you can't write a review without being attacked; here's a lil' something to chew on from the Goodreads guidelines before you decide to use me as an outlet for your frustraions: "Please don't flag items for having foul language, as Goodreads does not believe in censoring content and will not delete anything for foul language alone.

Negative book reviews do not count as inappropriate. Apr 20, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio-book , sports-romance , contemporary-romance , babies-kids-involved. Probably one of the best contemporary romances I have read in a very long time! I read this after reading Ms. Ragan's new release "Having My Baby" which mentions Max, so I searched and purchased this book and it was sooooooo worth it.

Hope there is more to come with the LA Condor's team in the future! View 1 comment. This was just what I needed! Easy reading with some humor and just a touch of angst. And I got it when it was free on Amazon : Max and Kari's story was great. But what had me giving this 5 stars was how well rounded the secondary characters were.

Feb 11, HJ rated it liked it. Nov 04, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: bad-boys , betrayal , athletes-football , virgin , bikers , pregnancy , humorous , states-california , fiesty-heroine , own-kindle. When Max Dutton, linebacker for the Condors is told he has to have a nutritionist watch over him for the next two weeks to get reinstated, he is beyond irritated.

That is until, he meets nutritionist Kari Murphy who refuses to work with him. Kari cannot believe she is standing before Mad Max Dutton, the man who broke her heart, left her pregnant, and never tried to contact her. As if it was bad enough, he has no clue who she is. With a little persistence by Max, he plans to uncover the truth behin When Max Dutton, linebacker for the Condors is told he has to have a nutritionist watch over him for the next two weeks to get reinstated, he is beyond irritated.

With a little persistence by Max, he plans to uncover the truth behind their past but will he be willing to trust Kari was making the right decisions where their child was concerned. I really enjoyed this one, Max is a bit clueless.

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At first he looks at Kari as a challenge, but the more she seems to resist his charms the more he looks at her as a friend and hopefully a lover. Jan 28, Katie rated it it was ok. This book was okay. Nothing spectacular, with a ton of issues, but it did have some good points. There were way too many typical romance downfalls. The secret baby, where the whole conflict was the secret. The characters falling in love WAY too quickly.

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Seriously, the big bad football player who can't commit suddenly head over heels for no reason after a day? I didn't buy his emotions at all. I do think a majority of the issues I had would have been fixed by a copy editor, had the book not been This book was okay. I do think a majority of the issues I had would have been fixed by a copy editor, had the book not been self-published. I did love the emotions that Molly brought out in me.

I got a little teary-eyed at times with her. But in general, the book was too long and just couldn't hold my attention, pretty much what I expected from a free self-published book.

Oct 23, Stacie rated it liked it Shelves: , fiction , romance , chick-lit , fluff , ku. This is not my first go round with this author but I know her better as T.

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Ragan, a mystery suspense writer who has the power to break my heart into a million pieces. Ahem, anyway This book was cute. Predictable and fluffy. It was a good palate cleanser after my last book which was dark and heavy. I don't think Romance is her strong point but I can't base that off one book. I would be interested to see how one of the characters is doing in the future and I wonder if she wrote anymore of the This is not my first go round with this author but I know her better as T.

I would be interested to see how one of the characters is doing in the future and I wonder if she wrote anymore of the character's stories. May 20, Splage rated it liked it Shelves: fight-their-connection , epilogue-totally-fab , contemporary , in-love-with-hero-since-young , read , ebook , boss-employee-work-together , jealousy , hero-heroine-virgin-innocent , secret-baby.

Quick and easy. I thought it was a good story, but I didn't feel a strong loving connection between the characters until the end. Some of the interactions and situations felt a little over played or forced. It did have a wonderful epilogue that included lots of babies, and there was an abundance of hot athletes throughout the story Apr 25, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , simple-sweet , freebie. Such a sweet read!! I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I actually fell in love with a lot of the supporting characters.

The book may have been about Max, but I fell in love with Cole : Excited to read more from this author!! Jan 20, Wyrdness rated it it was ok Shelves: romance. Young woman has a baby and after a few pretty crappy attempts to contact the father gives up for 13 years. Father suddenly comes back in to the picture and learns about teenage daughter in the most dramatic way possible just before the mother can come clean.

Lots of blame is thrown about, trust issues rear their head, and communication problems run rampant. At the end both sides realise they've been massive idiots and everything magically works out okay in the end. As an added bonus we also get to read about the best friend who really wants a baby but is sort of a crazy, bitter man-hater that attempts to keep pushing the ultimate Perfect Man away because Well, I have no idea why.

In the end the power of Hot Sex changes her mind, because that totally happens all the time. We also get the extra, extra bonus of the main guy's sister having relationship issues with her guy after she gets pregnant and he totally freaks. Because communication and not being childish idiots really works! So yeah, characters are okay for the most part and the writing is pretty decent, but it was so utterly predictable that by half way through I felt like I didn't even really need to finish the book to know how everything would turn out.

Apr 26, Cheesecake rated it it was ok Shelves: ending-meh , everyone-is-a-twit , hero-stubborn-bachelor , love-crush-unrequited , kids-believable , secret-love-child , audio-reader-meh , hero-not-very-bright , hero-didnt-grovel-enough , sheesh-you-call-that-an-excuse. Max and Kari It was an overlong soap opera. I hate it when the focus is so shifted from the MCs. To me it is a cop out.. Max and Kari had a drunken one night stand back in high school after which circumstances and people conspire to keep them apart.

For some reason Max needs her help with h Max and Kari For some reason Max needs her help with his nutrition and exercise OK, expend some suspension of disbelief that a famous NFL star would need help from a nutritionist for exercise But anyways, this brings them back together and it is basically a waiting game of when the other shoe will drop and he finds out about his daughter Molly. It's not that predictable in how it all unfolds, but there are too many characters giving their two cents worth.

Also, her friend Lindsey's love story is well, unloveable. She is an asshat and I feel sorry for Cole. Not romantic. Not even the epilogue helps because I couldn't care less by then. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Published: Apr Buy from our partners. His father and grandfather both passed away at an early age. For this reason, Max also shies away from forming close relationships.

What would be the point of falling in love and starting a family only to leave them as his father left him and his sisters? Nutrition expert, Kari Murphy, went through high school with a mad crush on Max Dutton. He was the hot football player back then and she realizes nothing has changed when she's hired by the NFL franchise to give Max healthy-eating advice, foolproof facts about carbohydrates and tasteful tips on cooking and shopping smart. While raising four children, she wrote late at night and early in the morning.

After years of trying to break through the traditional doors of publishing, Theresa released her first book on Amazon in March and her career took off.