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He realized how much he missed playing. What did you think, that we were just going to sit in my basement all day and play games for the rest of our lives?

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Telling Will, of all people, to grow up. Every one of them was still growing up. He returned to the kitchen and ransacked the fridge. No more Dr. Pepper, but plenty of Coke. Mike smiled vindictively, grabbed a six-pack, and then dug out a fresh bag of Cheetos from the chip cabinet. Down in the basement, everyone whooped. Something wild had just happened.

Mike prayed with all his heart that Dustin was getting killed. He stood up — and almost dropped the chips and soda. For the briefest moment he saw a shadowy form outside the kitchen window. Someone or something was looking in at him. Then Mike blinked, and the figure was gone. He went up to the window and looked out. He tore it open and replenished their bowl, picking a red one to eat right away.

Dustin tore into the Cheetos bag. Terrible noises were coming down from the pulleys on level two, and they remembered the swarming orc hive up there. The plan was now to find the central stair on level three and resume their escape, before the hordes on level five could race up to intercept them.

Their entry point on level three was a room with nothing in it, except for a death symbol scrawled on one of the walls. Will the Wise had the misfortune of seeing that symbol. That left El and Dustin in the game: elf mage and dwarf warrior. They had gone into a network of rich-looking rooms, apparently the chambers of some high ranking official. When they found the audience chamber containing a black throne, it was obvious these rooms belonged to the Nazgul. They ran away fast, down a hallway in the direction of the stair shaft. They were blocked by an Easterling sorcerer and had to fight him.

The toilet flushed and the bathroom door banged open. Vijay came back, trailing a noxious odor. Everyone pretended not to notice. Mike made a mental note to avoid Indian cuisine. The stair is about a hundred feet ahead. And you can already hear the hordes from below. They beat us and we have to fight. He turned back to El. They stared at each other for a long moment: mage and Nazgul; elf and undead. Before her, the Ringwraith and its horde, blocking the vortical shaft. Escape no longer mattered. She would avenge Mikael and all her friends. She had done as Dulin ordered; two torches each; four total, suspended in the air in front of her.

As the Nazgul advanced, she loosed the firebrands at it. One by one they hit, and lit up the wraith like kerosene. The Nazgul dropped its sword and let out a shriek that seemed to shake the walls of the mountain. It jumped and spun and wailed like a child stung by thousands of bees. Mike had to admit he was a good dungeon master. His prayers against Dustin had been answered. The dwarf had been shot from behind — from the direction he and El came — by an arrow of slaying.

The irony was cruel: Dustin had put himself behind El to avoid being shot, and he got shot anyway. She had one more fireball spell, and no worries about the sword of blue frost absorbing it. The sword was on the floor. Mike cursed under his breath. Cast your repulsion spell. He was dead, like everyone else. She was on her own. Vijay gave her a nudge. She saw a spell on her list and remembered what it did. There you go, El. Finish him off. Mike was proud. His girlfriend was actually going to kill one of the Nine Ringwraiths.

It shrieks. It howls in madness. It jerks forward. It lurches backward. It grabs an orc within reach and sets it on fire. Vijay never finished. A deafening concussion rocked the Wheeler house. An inside thunderclap, shaking the walls and ceiling. Everyone screamed and jumped from their seats. The floor rumbled and made their bones and teeth vibrate.

The house was about to collapse. The shaking of the walls, floor, and ceiling escalated… and then stopped. No one in the room moved or breathed. Another monstrous clap — it sounded like a blast of lightning right upstairs in the kitchen — and the house shook longer this time; for almost fifteen seconds. They shouted and ran for the basement door next to the gaming table. It led directly outside. It was… weird. It could be right outside the house waiting for us.

That thing had been huge. Aqueous, octopus-looking, full of hate. We need to get the hell out of here. Vijay agreed. Mike took control. Just us. When we call down with the all-clear, everyone can come up. Just run outside. But not yet; not unless you have to. The sudden coldness had been another tip-off he ignored. He likes it cold. But while the Mind Flayer had thrived in coldness, it had never caused it. As far as Mike knew, none of the creatures from the Upside Down had ever altered the weather or made air temperatures drop.

This is a different creature, he thought with a certainty. And much more powerful. They went through every room together, and found no structural damage. Windows, walls, and ceilings were intact. A few things were out of place. They opened every door, every closet, and looked under every bed and piece of unlikely furniture. If there was an unwanted guest in the house, it was invisible. Mike declared the house free of intruders. If this had been a B-grade horror movie, they would have checked outside first, declared the grounds safe, and then locked themselves inside the house with whatever was stalking them.

People were stupid in horror films. They searched outside around the house and found nothing out of the ordinary. Mike checked with two neighbors, who said they had heard thunder from the direction of the Wheeler house, which made no sense to them. Mike told them they were fine, thanked them and returned home. They argued more and agreed on nothing. Mike was sure of one thing: something from the Upside Down had been outside his window, and then inside his house.

That being, whatever it was, had nearly brought his home down. It was starting again. But how? Had someone opened another Gate? It was a bad nightmare. Worse than my nightmares of Starcourt, even. I mean, it seemed real. It really freaked me out. This one was really bad, and it invaded Hawkins twice. We called it the Mind Flayer, but like Mike said, we were just using the best analogy we could think of.

The thing was huge — like, thirty feet long with floating tentacles. The second time it was this gross-looking inside-out creature, made up of mutilated people. People from Hawkins. It seemed real — like the monster projected itself into my mind. And then I did really wake up. It was scary — and real. Now my house almost collapsed. We called the thirty-foot long shadow monster the Mind Flayer for too long.

Lucas was reading the description in the Monster Manual. Mike had researched it all last night. That underworld was insane. Mike had run a brutal campaign. Lucas, Dustin, and Will had been subject to an unspeakable nightmare world. A city miles underground, where dark elves plotted against each other, demons and vampires walked the streets, and obscene sacrifices were offered in back alleys, all under a weird purple light.

They had gone into torture parlors, bordellos, drug saloons. One of the torture saunas was run by an illithid; a mind flayer. It had devoured the brains of its clientele, and almost did the same to Dustin before Lucas and Will killed it. It wants me. Now it was terrorizing his home. Vijay was studying them all carefully. I guess I want to find out what this is about.

Dustin clapped his back, smiling. Get ready for dungeons and death. Your life as you know it is over. The Lord of the Rings. Vijay set our game in the s. Our game took place centuries before the story of The Lord of the Rings. She turned to look at him in the darkness. His night-light bathed their skin in deep blue.

Even after the camaraderie of that evening, she sounded isolated; abandoned. It was the same depressive cloud that had been over her for weeks. At first she just let herself be kissed, and then she was devouring him back. She slid her arms around him, holding him and tonguing him as hard as she could, until he was ready to do his thing — the thing he never tired at, and that brought her to a place that left misery behind.

Next Chapter: Under a Raging Moon. Previous Chapter: MLK. Endless Night — Chapter Two. It was the new kid from Boston, scholarly and full of nerd vibes. That was bad enough. Worse was his ethnicity. His family had immigrated from India and brought more wealth than Wall Street. That had sealed his fate upon arrival.

Together they watched the spectacle unfold. Mike felt shitty when he lost his patience with Will, but he was tired of taking point on bailing out every bully victim. Nothing for it. This would get ugly fast. But Vijay Agarwal was an outsider. He had lived in America for only three years; citizenship was a distant country. Seth never learned. He and his three stooges had the kid surrounded; a cowardly four-on-one.

Neither Mike nor Will could make out what was being said, but the quartet was threatening Vijay in some way, and no matter how petty the threats, Seth Manor would be dispensing them like a death sentence. One of his stooges, a low-IQ mule named Alex Heft, barked something and shot out his arm. Folders scattered and fell open. The bullies roared laughter.

Mike marveled that cowards were so entertained. He felt more sorry for them than for Vijay Agarwal. Then Seth seized Vijay by the front of his jacket, got in his face, and snarled whatever threats made him feel big and superior.

Claimed by the Vampire

The schoolyard went silent. First his mother, now Seth. He heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see Lucas, Max, and Dustin. He had backup now, just in case. Forty feet away, Seth looked at them all, uncertain. He still held Vijay, but with far less confidence. The bullies never admitted it, but they lived in fear of Mike Wheeler and his faggoty-ass friends. Wheeler especially was treated as armed and dangerous. He had a secret girlfriend: a witch who lived in the shadows, lifted automobiles, and exploded people from the inside out.

Billy was a legend in the eyes of Seth Manor. Any relation of his had to be treated with caution. The Nerd Lords were given wide berth. Mike stifled a laugh. He closed the distance between him and Seth. Mike kept advancing. He was like Billy: boorish, racist, and thoroughly boring. The thought of Billy put Mike on tilt. Dead for a year and a half now, Mike still saw him everywhere: at home on the face of his mother; at school on the face of idiot-ass Seth Manor.

Mike lost it. You want to keep this up? You want to provoke me? He was still fuming about his mother. You may find yourself there. Students gasped. Especially coming from someone like Mike Wheeler. Crowds of students were watching the altercation now. Mike knew his friends would be mad, especially Lucas.

Of the three stooges, he had the most vicious temper. Vijay backed away, flashing Mike a look of gratitude. Seth exploded. You like timber niggers? He stared back at Seth. Next to him, Alex looked constipated. Liam was ready to charge. And Ross — whose face had more acne than a solar system had stars — pursed his lips as if tasting poison.

Finally, Seth turned and motioned them all away. They walked off. Most of his homework was long gone by now, carried off the school grounds by 15 mph winds. He retrieved what he could, and then headed into the school building. Timber niggers are Native Americans. Why are you so bent out of shape? Of all days. Lucas had every intention of repeating his tirades. Everyone around us gets Martin Luther King Day off.

Indiana sucks. It was true. With the federal holiday in place since last year, more states were joining the cause, though sometimes kicking and screaming, and not least Indiana. Shank had initially refused to even allow a hearing on an MLK holiday. A compromise was reached last March: the bill passed as a temporary measure, allowing Indiana the holiday for two years; at the end of , the bill would expire and legislators would have to start over again if they wanted to make MLK Day a permanent state holiday.

Which made the whole thing a farce. Indiana had legalized a holiday for a limited duration and little benefit. And every single school in every district in all counties was open. There were states in the deep south that took the day more seriously than Indiana. Indiana may as well have been an eleventh. They listened as Lucas sermonized on the subject. Like Dustin, Max had apparently heard a lot of this already too. But he should do more. He should issue executive orders every year, until our law makers and school boards join the rest of the world. He freed the slaves. Lucas bristled at this.

Not even with Governor Whore behind us. Mike had heard enough. He had his own reasons for wanting the day off. He and El were already halfway through their two-week honeymoon, and he had every intention of making it count. He just wanted time alone with El, mostly in bed. Mike refused to be baited.

If you lived on Maple Street, you were a Republican; pure and simple. Dustin, Will, and Max were smugly elated. Mike hardly cared. For all his lip-service to Reagan, he was apolitical. If Lucas wanted to rant about Republican evils, let him knock himself out. Going home, right now. You guys in or out? Carol looked up from his notepad. They were seated in his office. The dressing down was severe, coming from Mr. Unlike his boss Mr. Ogden, the deputy was widely admired. Mike had always liked Mr. Wheeler, you bullied the bully. Carol turned his gaze on Lucas. Am I to assume you stood by and did nothing to diffuse this witless pissing match?

That was grossly unfair. Will had urged Mike to help Vijay, but Mr. Carol was acting as if Will had incited violence. And how the hell did the deputy know exactly what was said out there? Did he have spies in the schoolyard? A mistake. Henderson, which brings you low. Get down where you belong, on the floor, and give me fifty push ups. On your knuckles. Do it now. The kids stared appalled. Dustin almost said something but then thought better of it. He got down and began his knuckle push ups.

To this school or to yourself. You know how to skateboard. All of you. The deputy glared at them. Go to class. They filed out of his office, furious. Mike sensed hidden threats. What the hell did that mean? One thing you could say about Vijay Agarwal. He was back the next day as if nothing had happened, walking by Seth and Co. Mike decided he liked the kid. He was a freshman, but that was okay. He was from Boston, but had brought none of the uppity condescension you learned to expect from an east-coast transplant.

He was unassuming; comfortable in his skin. Given its color that went a long way. She terrorizes countrysides, eats kids, and is practically invincible. For Mike it summoned a host of destructive memories. Accordingly, he had orchestrated a campaign so sick and nihilistic it pushed the bounds of decency. He punished his friends in the game as he felt punished in life.

They failed their mission entirely. Mike gasped at the cover and title: Southern Mirkwood: Haunt of the Necromancer. It was a campaign module set in Middle-Earth. And this was Southern Mirkwood, the domain of Sauron long before he moved to Mordor. I do all the time. In their middle-school days they had made weekly trips. The copyright date is This thing has been out for years. The latest is Lorien. I got it for Christmas. We should have a game sometime. Mike felt awkward. Mike had ridiculed Will for not growing out of the game.

God, I was an asshole that summer. He decided to un-asshole himself. Vijay paused. He had been driving since turning sixteen in December. His father had splashed big last week, buying Lucas a Mazda MX His home was in Loch Nora, of course, with the rest of the filthy rich. Vijay gave his address. If any of them had known how catastrophically right Will was, they would have told Vijay to stay home and tear the Southern Mirkwood module to shreds.

The soundtrack of their life. A life that began on a rainy night, when she emerged from Mirkwood — their Mirkwood Forest — wide-eyed and bald-headed. Sometimes he wanted to shave her head again, to recapture that first fire. The lead song on his cassette mix would have to do instead. He leaned back over on his desk, and decorated the cassette covers with loops and swirls. He smiled, imagining her reaction to the songs. It was hard being without her, even for one night. And her absence was a window of opportunity. The songs were twelve. Side B was recording now. The vinyl played; the cassettes spooled in the dual tape deck.

The equalizers were modulated to a sacred pitch — Mike killed to protect his frequency settings — and the music sounded immortal. Mike wanted to be a musician someday; a guitar player. He finished his sketchy designs and looked at the cases. He had listed the tracks in groups of three:.

Louise, Clan of Xymox 3. In Between Days, The Cure 6. Best Adventures, Thinkman. Here is the House, Depeche Mode 8. Temptation, New Order 9. Par Avion, Mike and the Mechanics Bring on the Dancing Horses, Echo and the Bunnymen MLK, U2. The first trilogy represented his middle school years. Mike and his friends had entered a teenage wasteland that July, weighed down by growing pains. He cursed Hopper, remembering.

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Kidnapped by vampires- Ep. 1-

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TOTALITY is a spiritual fire breathing blend to get to the bottom of your heart's desire and radiate enough energy to assist with spiritual endeavors of that process.

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As the eclipse reaches the totality of complete darkness, so the blend will also be imbued with the power of that darkness - the ability to access our shadow selves and to pull out the stifled strength, lost ambition and suppressed desires and integrate them wholly into our hearts again.

I have have to say, I have been experimenting with the oil all week and it has been an intense one - very deep emotions bubbling up from the darkness. I cannot imagine what it will be like once it's been eclipse kissed. There I will find the light. May we all. Limited bottle supply, but I'm pretty good at guessing what will be needed, so no worries. Notes of the Sun, Moon and Leo's blaze: bloodstone elixir, borage and black eyed Susan flower essences as well as protective angelica, golden frankincense, honeyed amber, saffron, ginger, bergamot and wild crafted by me!

John's Wort oil among other powerful herbs and minerals. Samhain is not just Halloween, costumes and candy. Samhain is the ancient Celtic celebration of the end of the harvest cycle of the growing season; bonfires dotted the landscape and the ancestors were honored.

This is the season of death and of spirits, of magic and mystery. It is said that the veil that exists between the world of the dead and the living is at its thinnest during this dark season so this Hallows I have channeled 13 dark potions that can be used ritually as well as fragrantly. Empowered on September's rare Black Moon, these oils are imbued with depth, power and intensity and a drop of my handmade black moonstone gem essence!

Some of the most potent work I've done in some time! All itens will be released slowly up until Hallows to build the drama and anticipation! We here at Conjure Oils have slowly been preparing this collection for a year! We're offering perfume grade ritual oils that can be used as both or either, as all Conjure Oils can be used.

Sacred Sprays for all sorts of spiritual needs and Bewitchment Balms for all your witchy wiles, dark and light. Fabienne, who passed on October 2nd, , had raw talent, an eye for art and a legion of fans that adored her and her work - myself included. I know she was a lover of animals and supported many charities, In her honor I will donate a portion of all proceeds of Hallows to the Oregon Humane Society in her name. May she rest in power. Wisest of Angels, whom your fate betrays, And, fairest of them all, deprives of praise,.

O Prince of exiles, who have suffered wrong, Yet, vanquished, rise from every fall more strong,. All-knowing lord of subterranean things, Who remedy our human sufferings,. To lepers and lost beggars full of lice, You teach, through love, the taste of Paradise. You who on Death, your old and sturdy wife, Engendered Hope — sweet folly of this life —. You give to the doomed man that calm, unbaffled Gaze that rebukes the mob around the scaffold,. You know in what closed corners of the earth A jealous God has hidden gems of worth.

You know the deepest arsenals, where slumber The breeds of buried metals without number. You whose huge hand has hidden the abyss From sleepwalkers that skirt the precipice,. You who give suppleness to drunkards' bones When trampled down by horses on the stones,. You who, to make his sufferings the lighter, Taught man to mix the sulphur with the nitre,. You fix your mask, accomplice full of guile, On rich men's foreheads, pitiless and vile.

You who fill the hearts and eyes of whores With love of trifles and the cult of sores,. The exile's staff, inventor's lamp, caresser Of hanged men, and of plotters the confessor,. Step-father of all those who, robbed of pardon, God drove in anger out of Eden's garden. Praise to you, Satan! The corrupted blood of ancient dragons is infused with patchouli black. The midnight musk petals from les Fleurs du Mal are caramelized cauldron bound with black opium, black fig and dark muscavadao sugar. Defiled deeply by the scent of smoke of crimson red leaves and Scandinavian churches ablaze, filling the crisp autumn air with sweet despair.

Nine years! Where does the time go? When I hung my shingle for Conjure back in it was all such a both wonderful and sucky learning experience. But I persevered and now I own an amazing perfume and ritual oil company that continues to delight and enchant people all over the world! This past year was a difficult one for me. From having half my pancreas removed at the end of , to the complication of getting type 1 diabetes and now I've recently been diagnosed with colitis. It's not been easy to manage these conditions, two little kids and Conjure Oils.

Updates were really lacking this year and now you know why. I have a mixtape collection in the works and I've already began working on the Hallows collection. Hopefully as I learn to manage these conditions and get the correct medications dialed in I will have more energy and creativity for Conjure Oils. Because we all love Conjure Oils, right? And I have every plan for it to continue for another nine years.

As long as there's perfumistas, witches, wizards and nature people out there who desire my work, I am happy to provide ample selections for you all. For ages, the 9 of Pentacles has been one of my favorite cards. It symbolizes my aspirations and goals in life. On the card you see a woman dressed in finery, lovingly holding her falcon that represents the untamed parts of herself that she has mastery over. Surrounded by opulence in the form of overflowing grape leaves and juicy grapes that could become a fine wine, she's also surrounded by nine pentacle coins that rest near the ground, reminding us that while income is important, it is still necessary to rise above it and enjoy the finer things in life..

She is the picture of grace and refinement: art, music, intellectual pursuits. It is time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. To open up, to relax and receive the treasures that you have earned with your hard work and tireless efforts. Invite the good life into your world with oils that evoke wealth, ease, opulence, pride and creativity: Blood cedarwood, bergamot, golden amber, persimmon, aged ginger, dragon's blood resin, grape leaf, black patchouli, aged vanilla resin and crimson carnation.

The morning of January 11th the world stood still. I couldn't believe it! It was like something sucked all the air out of the car. Didn't he just have a birthday and release an album? I rode home, dripping tears and denial so thick it was nearly impossible to see. For the rest of that day and for several after all of my friends - Facebook and otherwise - were overt in their mourning. Endless outpourings of disbelief and exhalations of what David had meant to them. How he was so sacred because he validated the freak, the androgynous, the gay, the glamour, the extraterrestrial, the smooth and sexy, the Goblin King in us all.

David Bowie never announced his illness, so to us his death was seemingly spontaneous. But he knew for 18 months and spent that time writing the album Blackstar which is full of allusions to his death and the afterlife. In it we find a touching, well crafted goodbye that could only be achieved by meticulous planning.

David died like he lived - a consummate artist that went out with style and grace. He will be sorely missed on the earthly plane, but his spirit will be ever available to us. Light candles for David, lift them high and give his spirit illumination and elevation. As spirit would have it, I discovered that each song's scent had a specific planetary correspondence and particular energetic current. That's when I realized these perfumes were going to transcend perfume and become what Conjure Oils is truly about - magickal and ritual oils that are blended as fine perfume.

All 10 planets were crafted and infused into the perfume oil. I have blended these perfumes with the most sacred ingredients and intentions: healing, soul nourishment, spirit connection, peace, prosperity as well as otherworldly, extraterrestrial elements, glamour magick, sacred sexuality and beautiful gender queer energy. Open you heart, mind and spirit and use these scents with prayer and intention, or as always, you can slather on their seductively delicious scents! They are purely an energetic essence used by the drop. This collection is truly a gift from one fan to another, so I feel it is best to donate any profit to the cause of liver cancer research.

Ashes to Ashes Solar Sweetness. The unguents of positivity, rebirth and motivation. For those days life truly feels like an all time low: Solar energies infused into Indonesian clove bud, cypress, bergamot, sweet orange, blood cedar and a hint of wild rose with the ashes of the 23rd psalm sprinkled in, adding the power of the prayer to the perfume.

Blackstar Venusian Vapors. To open the heart, be free from pain, to help cope with loss and tragedy: The sacred energy of Venus is incorporated into temple sandalwood, bergamot, palmarosa, wild marjoram, cypress, black cyclamen and ruh khus with Borage for buoyant courage and optimism and to counter depressive feelings and Love-Lies-Bleeding flower essence that helps alleviate personal intense suffering and melancholia and the ability to move beyond personal pain. China Girl Neptune's Essence. Obsessions and moodiness are balanced by night blooming jasmine tea, China musk, notes of rain beating loud as thunder, yuzu, hinoki, rose geranium, clary sage, osmanthus and tender bamboo leaves with Neptune influenced gem and flower essences of Labradorite and Grass Widow.

Labradorite for psychic awareness and discernment and Grass Widow is is emotionally uplifting, releases pain from the past and encourages one to be comfortable in their independence. Lady Stardust Jupiter's Spice. A perfume ritually formulated to reduce shame and enliven pride. To transform darkness and disgrace to joy and grace.. Black musk, black patchouli, petitgrain, neroli and vanilla infused toasted sandalwood and blessed with flower essence of Dogwood and Gem essence of Ruby.

Dogwood eases awkward painful awareness of the body, bringing physical and etheric harmony to the body. Ruby gem essence helps you to shine in the world, carrying an energy of regal abundance and exuberance! Black or pink glitter available ONLY upon request - just say what color you'd like in the comments to merchant box. Life on Mars? Earthen Attar. This scent is formulated to be extremely grounding and centering.

Use it to align with the earth element and with reality to get a centered perspective on matters. Good to use when you're feeling like there is life on mars and that reality tv is actually real. Also good for spell and energy work to attract money and prosperity because of its connection with the earth element. Excellent for simply grounding and centering.

Patchouli infused honey is blended with opulent notes of warmed milk, black tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, ginger and clove and tonka bean. Flower essences for prosperity and Green Nicotiana for opening the heart to the pulse of the earth, giving one the ability to reconnect to the earth and reestablish connection with the planet by finding assistance in disconnecting at will with earth damaging forces such as electronics, war, agriculture, fossil fuels and other forces. Pyrite, used in Hoodoo as a attractant to money, success and good luck is also sprinkled in the oil.

Moonage Daydream Lunar Elixir. Here is a potion that is purely lunar, making it perfect for psychic work, divination, prophetic dreams and lunar magic. An etherial blend of willow, cucumber, white tea, blue lotus,white poppy, jasmine sambac, mugwort and white gulab attar with Mugwort and St. John's Wort flower essences. Mugwort possesses the properties of integration of dream symbolism with life. John's Wort is illuminated consciousness, protection from psychic or physical vulnerability, relief from disturbed dreams and a connection with the spirit world that helps alleviate depression that was caused by spiritual isolation.

Queen Bitch Mercurial Effusion. Queen Bitch says what she means and means what she says. This oil is formulate to enhance intelligence, improve communication, to advance the self and to boost eloquence. Indian sandalwood blended, tonka bean with toasted almond, pomegranate, lily of the valley, lemongrass, mulberry and clary sage with Calendula and Hound's Tongue flower essence. Calendula helps to heal patterns of verbal abuse, heals the use of spoken dialogue, heals warmth and receptivity.

Hound's Tongue heals the integration of imagination and intellect and lightens thoughts and all other heavy sensations or feelings. Rebel Rebel Martian Incense. Rebel Rebel's Martian influence is hot and energetic - healing physical, magickal and sexual energy. It also enhances courage and protection as well. Dragon's blood dances with ginger, tobacco, black pepper, coriander and allspice with Hibiscus and Pomegranate flower essences. Hibiscus is for warmth and responsive sexuality. An integration of soul love and physical passion. Allows one to enjoy a sexual experience.

Pomegranate is expressing creativity in the world it its most exalted format creating deep joy from this process. Space Oddity Perfume of Pluto. Pluto rules over birth and death, those deep mysteries of the occult and the underworld. Like Major Tom who drifts off to a new life ushered in by death. Oils of deep earth and endless space: black patchouli, myrrh resin, frost laden loam, cypress, galangal and pomegranate with hyacinth to represent the myth of Pluto who abducted Persephone.

Enhanced with gem essence of Black Tourmaline that dissolves our wounds into the black healing light of space and Angel Trumpet allows one to open their soul to the spiritual world, helps process the fear of death or the soul's need for transition. Starman Saturn Spirits. Saturn rules over the Starman - the stability and structure of Ziggy's mystique. It gives endurance, patience and is a portal to our past lives.

Allow the Saturnine structure to lend you stability. Rich patchouli, black myrrh, ruh khus with Angelica flower essence that eases the feelings of being a spiritual orphan and and getting guidance and protection from spiritual beings. Androgyny Uranus Unguent. David was legendary for is ability to seamlessly slip between the gender binary. While many in the mainstream at the time found it absolutely abhorrent and yet another harbinger of the breakdown of society, the rest us fabulous folk fount it to be a life line, one that validated our freak selves and gave us permission to slide back and forth just the same.

Ruled by the planet of innovation and originality, the oils used in this perfume are ruled by Uranus and can be worn by any gender to invoke creative genius and sexual ambiguity with a secret formula that beautifully invigorates the scents of the darkness of earth and the bright musk of spring florals. Calla Lily flower essence helps the wounding from gender bias and the pain of discrimination.

Anisocoria Chiron. The disorder began when he was 15 and got in a scrap with a close friend of his over a girl. This left him with a look that bordered on mystical or otherworldly, fitting seamlessly with his man who fell to earth persona. Chiron is the asteroid as well as a deity that is known as the Centaur. As a celestial body, it is Chiron that finds a place when you're born, like any planet is supposed to do.

As a deity Chiron deals with all aspects of health and disease and how they affect our spiritual path. Chiron himself represents the wounded healer. Like Bowie performing in spite of his eye, it healed those who came to see him. And like Chiron, Bowie found strength through adversity, as does this fragrance. Dried tobacco, willow, Parma violet, Egyptian Sandalwood, aged oak, blood cedar, marionberry and persimmon. Self Heal flower essence connects the body to the spirit of healing and gives you the motivation for healing the self.

Long Live the Goblin King Ceres. In , David Bowie played Jareth, the Goblin King in the film Labyrinth who tormented young Sarah as she struggled through the twists and turns to get Toby, the little brother who she wished away to the Goblin King herself. You have no power over me! The Goblin King is dead! Return to Book Page. Preview — Claimed by the Vampire by Sam Abbot. Caleb, Edmund and Damian are forced to go on the run once again, to evade capture and certain death by Elena Vanian, Queen of the Vanian family, and Caleb quickly realizes that hiding out with two vampires who are intent on tearing each other apart is not going to work.

After deciding the only way he can stop hurting both of them is to leave, Caleb ends up making a mistake that has devastating consequences. Later, when John Dancy comes back into his life and threatens to claim him, Caleb thinks that he has lost everything and has nothing left to live for. But the powerful bond Caleb has with Edmund and Damian Vanian cannot be broken, and Caleb has to find a way to survive until they can finally claim him and make him theirs forever. It contains dark paranormal themes, explicit gay sexual scenes, and graphic language. It is suitable for mature readers only.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 78 pages. More Details The Vanian Trilogy 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Claimed by the Vampire , please sign up.