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Blinding refers to the concealment of group allocation from one or more individuals involved in a clinical research study, most commonly a randomized.
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The best way of ensuring allocation concealment is to use a centralised service, since this cannot be subverted by investigators and provides independent verification that it was not possible for the investigators to know the allocation sequence in advance. Read about the problems of not using centralised randomisation.

Note that using patient date of birth e. The treatment allocation may then be subject to selection bias since patients expected to have a worse outcome may be selectively excluded from the active treatment group. Double blind drug trials are often co-ordinated by the hospital pharmacy at each trial centre. One of the pharmacists will have responsibility for dispensing the trial drug to a patient based on the unique randomisation code for that patient. We provide the pharmacist with a code list for their centre that links up to the randomisation codes on our website system.

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Alternatively the trial drugs may be labelled by the manufacturer or drug packager. We can either provide a list to be used for the labelling, or incorporate the list used by the packager into our system. Toggle navigation. Blinding and allocation concealment. Single blind This usually refers to the patient being blinded to the treatment given but not the administering clinician.

Double blind Neither the patient nor clinician know which treatment the patient is randomised to.

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Allocation concealment Allocation concealment is a different concept to blinding. Rarely used for double blind trials because breaking the code for one patient unblinds the entire trial.

Study design: blinding

Pharmacy based trials Double blind drug trials are often co-ordinated by the hospital pharmacy at each trial centre. Read more about managing drug supplies ….

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Middle English blinden, derivative of the adj. Synonym study 1. Blind, stone-blind, purblind mean unable to see. Blind means unable to see with the physical eyes. Stone-blind emphasizes complete blindness. Purblind refers to weakened vision, literally or figuratively.

Sealed Envelope | Blinding and allocation concealment

See curtain. Regional variation note See window shade. Examples from the Web for blinding After the blinding pain subsided, she realized that her crush was nowhere to be found. Old Kensington Miss Thackeray. The Will to Doubt Alfred H.

Study design: blinding

Also called: mattress a layer of concrete made with little cement spread over soft ground to seal it so that reinforcement can be laid on it. Derived Forms blindingly , adverb. Also called: blinder British old-fashioned , slang a drunken orgy; binge. Derived Forms blindly , adverb blindness , noun.

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  • It is preferable to avoid using phrases such as the blind. Instead you should talk about blind and partially sighted people. Unable to see; without useful sight. Of, relating to, or for sightless persons.