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Flea larvae do not need to live on a host animal to survive, and fleas in their pupal stage can actually survive in a dormant state for many months. If your pet or carpet has a flea infestation and you leave clothing on the floor, your clothes could pick up fleas. Fortunately, washing your clothes, bedding, rugs and other textiles is an effective way to kill fleas in any of the four life stages, thanks to the chemicals in the detergent along with the heat and turbulence encountered during washing and drying.

If you do use this method as part of your anti-flea campaign, be sure to use the hottest settings during both washing and drying to make sure as many fleas are killed off as possible. Still, simply doing the wash is not enough to get rid of a large-scale flea infestation. Generally speaking, adult fleas and their eggs do not easily die in water. Many types of insect eggs can survive for days when immersed under water, and the same is likely true for flea eggs. Thus, simply taking your dog for a swim, for example, would not be an effective way to kill off fleas.

There are, however, some notable exceptions to this:. Since adult fleas need to feed on fresh blood in order to survive, they must live almost exclusively on a host. Adults can jump from one host to another, spending short times away from their fresh food supply, but in general, they will die if they are separated from their host for too long. Fleas in other life stages, on the other hand, do not need a host to live. And flea pupae can survive for months in a dormant state before maturing into adults.

Thus, adults are the only life stage of a flea that will die if they go too long without an animal host. Fortunately, fleas do die off when winter sets in—that is, assuming it gets cold enough outside. Fleas living outdoors cannot survive temperatures that drop into the mid-thirties Fahrenheit or below. Of course, in many regions of the United States, wintertime temperatures never get that low.

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This means fleas can survive outdoors through the winter in these areas, and thrive all year long. Even in cold regions, while outdoor fleas might die off with the onset of frigid weather, other fleas will still survive even the harshest of winters simply by moving indoors and living on a warm animal host, such as an indoor cat or dog.

If you treat only your pet or your living spaces at a given time, but not both, the leftover fleas can easily and quickly re-infest. My mom and dad began to run and so did I. We ran up the street where some locals stopped us and took us inside to eat and drink.

Another wave was coming. The people that were looking after us took us along an alley; to some trees with ropes which led up into a mountain; which we remained until the streets were safe. In the mountain were a few families and we were lucky to be up there I found some clothes of mine in the wreckage. My mom found her favourite picture and some of her clothes. Most things were destroyed, missing or yards up the road.

Everything was now getting a bit emotional and my mom began to cry as she looked at the damage that nature can do to our civilisation BBC said that a British teacher and his family were on a boat when went missing.

How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host? [20 Big Questions Answered] - Pest Strategies

This was us. My uncle is a British Council Teacher, so we had people looking for us We are extremely lucky to get away from the disaster than has killed thousands. Nova and I had been together for almost six years and were about seven weeks into a planned one-year trip around the world. Once the sun set we all took showers and then met in the restaurant of the guesthouse four of us were staying at. We returned to the beach where we sat laughing and raising glasses until the very early hours. I think we finally made it to bed around 4am. I remember waking up in our bungalow and Nova had just risen on the other side of the bed.

The room was shaking and this became more violent as I tried to work out what was going on. I made it to my feet and remember Nova on the other side of the bed looking scared. That was the last time I ever saw the woman I loved as the first wave then slammed into our bungalows.

The impact must have been so powerful that I was knocked unconscious and totally stunned. All I knew at this point was that I was in serious trouble. The water was also full of debris. Wood, metal, glass, bricks and everything else you can think had turned the wave into a thick soup.

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Swimming was futile, it was like being in a giant washing machine full of nails on a spin cycle. The structure had columns and floors but no walls as yet. As I was swept through my left leg became trapped against one of the columns and I was then pinned there by debris. I immediately felt excruciating pain and I lost a lot of tissue and muscle on my calf. But I think this saved my life as it stopped me being swept out to sea where I would likely have been killed.

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I was then trapped on this building site for around four hours. I was too injured to stand, let alone walk, and even sitting up was hard at times. Various other survivors wandered into view at times but seemed too shocked to help. A group of locals arrived at one point and tried to help, but a second wave approached and they were forced to flee.

Luckily I was trapped on a higher floor and the second wave passed underneath me. Over the next 10 days I was moved through various hospitals, some in the immediate area, but later onto Bangkok. I had three surgical operations in Thailand to debride the infected tissue on my leg and there was a lot of concerns about my injuries. However, after my immediate rescue my biggest pain was always in relation to Nova.

All I could think about through this time was where we were supposed to be on our trip and what we were supposed to be doing together. I almost immediately became project manager for the construction of 67 homes in the village of Tap Tawan, north of Khao Lak.

I spent the next year as a volunteer and the process was incredibly important to my own recovery. Seeing how local people, who had often lost so much more than me - I still had a house, family, money, etc - were able to cope and begin to smile again helped to put my own situation in perspective.

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I was also massively inspired by the steady stream of international volunteers who came to help and who worked so hard day after day to help affected communities. So, I returned to the UK and obtained my masters in degree in International Development, with a focus on disaster recovery. I wrote my dissertation on community based disaster recovery in Thailand and was awarded the Andrew Lochhead Prize for International Development.

After this I travelled to Peru after an earthquake where I again volunteered as a construction manager, although this time for sanitation projects. While in Peru I began speaking to some other long-term volunteers, many of whom who had also been in Thailand as well, about starting a charity ourselves. However, by the end of we had charitable status and were ready to start overseas operations as the earthquake struck Haiti Ultimately though, it all comes down to that day in Khao Lak 10 years ago and my own personal experiences of disaster.

I lost the woman I loved and was lucky to survive myself. After all, I know more than most that anything could happen tomorrow.

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I spent a week walking the beaches around Nagappatinam, which was very hard-hit. I shot on 35mm film, and then stitched the panoramas up in Photoshop.

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It was very hard to photograph - there was absolutely nothing aesthetic about any of it. A very ugly scene. Our makeshift office was a car showroom.