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Book 3 of the Artemis Files Bren Montclare, merchant, rogue and contract mercenary has managed to survive the Stromon Cartel on Elysium, overcome the .
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For now, let me say that this turned out larger and more intricate than I originally planned, with the characters taking me into a different direction to the original outline… however I think they enjoyed themselves getting there. It is approx 24, words, so a novella, and depending on your e-book reader settings about pages.

The bad news is that Durendal is delayed… I am progressing well through it and see it close to halfway, with an expectation of early February for release. Sorry for anyone urgently waiting to find out what happens after Talisman! Good things are in store with that book, and some hairy adventures soon to be on your screen. Today the final version of Talisman was signed off and is now launching with the different retailers.

If you liked Elysium, you should enjoy this as it develops the setting and characters even further with a different style of adventure to the first book. So here we are one month since I threw this site up on the web… and the latest update is that Book 2 of the Artemis Files: Talisman is in the very final stages. My estimated date for release is within the next two weeks at the usual outlets… although with the Christmas publishing frenzy, some of the distributors are not guarenteeing books in their stores unless they receive the proofs by the end of the first week of December.

As part of Talisman, the preview chapter of the third book, Durendal, has been written and will be included. Just to give you an idea of my workflow… I typically finish a chapter or two , proof it next day, and then add it to the pile of other completed chapters. Once a suitable number are done they get sent out for feedback from a small group. Links for Durendal will be added to this post as they become available.

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Non-recurring types. Lists of weapons. Categories :. Cancel Save. A battle axe with a long handle. Designed for two-handed use, it can easily chop off an enemy's limbs. An axe with a large head. Much bigger than the traditional woodman's axe, hence its name. Effect: Slow.

This axe not only has impressive destructive power, but can also slow the actions of its target. Mode: Melee. This axe's small size belies its incredible destructive power. An axe said to have been a gift from spirits inhabiting a spring. Only the righteous may wield it. An expensive designer handbag made of croakadile skin. Equip: Regen Females only.

The design of this handbag is simple, yet fashionable. Poach: Wild Boar Mode: Rendezvous. The most common type of bow. It has a long range and is quite durable. A bow adorned with silver decorations. Thin metal plates help strengthen its wooden frame. Element: Ice.

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Spell Effect: Thundara Element: Thunder. This bow imbues arrows with the power and speed of lightning. Element: Wind. Arrows shot by this bow fly at extremely high speeds.

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  6. The vacuum created by their flight increases their damage. Treasure: Midlight's Deep Mode: Rendezvous. The bow of a legendary archer. Its unusual size gives it incredible power. The bow of a mythical hero. It is constructed entirely of metal and requires great strength to pull back.

    Mode: Rendezvous. This cloth is thick and brilliantly colored, making it perfect for use in carpets. This warm and flexible woolen fabric is exquisitely soft to the touch. Poach: Tiamat Mode: Rendezvous. A special process has been used to make this thin, smooth silk exceptionally durable. A crossbow that can be fired with one hand. Uses shorter bolts than a traditional crossbow. Effect: Blind. This crossbow fires specially fashioned bolts that contain a dose of blinding poison. The firing mechanism of this crossbow has been improved upon, increasing its attack power. Effect: Poison.

    A crossbow that fires bolts dipped in poison. Includes a mechanism for handling the poisoned bolts. The most powerful crossbow ever created. Its unusual size gives it a very strong recoil. Effect: Blind Element: Dark. The wielder of this sword bears the sins of his previous lives, robbing him or her of all hope. Effect: Doom Element: Dark.

    This sword brings death to all those who kill in the name of truth and justice. Effect: Slow Element: Dark. It is said that a witch bestowed this sword to a knight who died an unnatural death. Effect: Stop Element: Dark. A sword said to have been wielded by a hero from the north. A blue jewel is embedded in its broad handle. Effect: KO Element: Dark. A tainted blade spoken of in legends about the end of the world, said to feed upon the souls of its victims. A weapon comprised of a large iron head attached to a long wooden handle.

    Spell Effect: Fira Element: Fire. A large spiked metal ball attached by chain to a wooden pole. A large morning star with a single spike attached to it. Outfitters: Clockwork City of Goug Chapter 2.


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    A firearm brought to Ivalice from the northern country of Romanda. The barrel of this firearm has been fashioned from mythril. Mode: Rendezvous Initial: Balthier. A firearm named for Ras Algethi, the star that forms the Kneeler's head. Equip: Stone. A firearm named for the brightest star in the Whale's Maw.

    Element: Fire. Steal: Enemies Mode: Rendezvous. Element: Thunder. Effect: Confuse. The strains of this harp can affect one's very soul. Causes confusion in the listener. Effect: Charm. The pure sound of this harp can charm its user's enemies.

    The Artemis Files Book Series:

    A katana whose blade is adorned with a breathtaking carving of a tiger. A katana with a blade forged of the finest iron sand by master swordsmith Nagamitsu Osafune. Referred to as a demon sword, this katana's keen blade showers blood upon the battlefield. This katana's design was inspired by a legendary blade said to have been plucked from the tail of a marauding dragon. This exquisitely crafted katana has a beautifully patterned blade and an incredible cutting edge.

    Referred to as a demon sword, this katana was said to drink the blood of countless enemies. A katana with a hilt in the shape of a chrysanthemum. This katana's sheath is inlaid with beautiful patterns. It is the life's work of a master swordsmith. Used for self-defense. Although its blade is longer than that of a normal knife, its attack power is rather low. A sturdy, well-balanced knife forged from the featherlight metal known as mythril. Outfitters: Zeklaus Desert Chapter 1.

    A knife quenched in an insidious poison that robs its victim of sight. Effect: Silence. Created especially for the purpose of fighting mages, this knife has the power to silence its target.

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    A knife with a blade made of a lustrous white alloy of mythril and platinum. This knife gives the wielder a good chance of blocking attacks, making it useful for both offense and defense.

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    A knife made of an exceedingly hard metal. Light and sharp. Effect: Doom. Popular among assassins, this dagger has the power to doom its victims to certain death. This knife's special wave-shaped blade creates a vacuum when swung through the air, increasing its killing power.

    Effect: Sleep. A knife manufactured in a region renowned for its blades. A broad-bladed knight's sword made from hardened steel. Jewels have been embedded in its rounded pommel. Equip: Protect.

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    A knight's sword given as a symbol of an oath of fealty. It is said that only the true heir to the throne can wield this legendary knight's sword. Equip: Shell. This knight's sword is mentioned in tales about the end of the world. Equip: Shell , Protect Element: Holy. A holy knight's sword said to have been forged by spirits. Equip: Regen Effect: Stone. This holy knight's sword is said to have been a gift from the gods themselves.

    A sword specially tailored to the needs of ninjas. Its blade is shorter than that of the average sword. This sword's short, lightweight blade makes it very easy to carry. A sword with a longer blade than that of a normal ninja sword, making it more suitable for use in battle. Effect: Disable. A sword with the power to stop its targets in their tracks, preventing them from taking any actions. A powerful ninja sword that was once used by a secret society. Treasure: Midlight's Deep. An exquisitely crafted ninja sword that was once used by a secret society. The creator of this masterpiece learned the art of swordcraft in a faraway land.

    A thin and supple bamboo pole that bends lithely when swung through the air. A pole crafted from wood that emits a musky scent. It is in the shape of a large ladle. The ribs of this enormous fan are made of iron. When folded up, it may be employed as a pole in battle. Effect: Atheist. One strike from this pole can cause the target to lose his faith. Poach: Sekhret Catch : Level 95 Ninja. A pole made from specially treated ivory. It is surprisingly strong, despite its fragile appearance. A shaft of boxwood, carved into a hexagonal shape and reinforced with metal plates.

    A pole made from a dark material that is neither wood nor metal. Some say it is a dire whale's whisker. A rod that enhances the magickal potency of its wielder.

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    Poach: Blue Dragon Mode: Rendezvous. A rod wielded by a dragon master. Its tip is made from carved dragon bone. Equip: Faith Effect: Faith. This rod purges doubt from those it touches, turning them into pillars of faith.