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Your official guide to one of the City's best-loved attractions, the Monument offers panoramic views over London. It was built to commemorate the Great Fire.
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Beneath there is a granite pedestal with a pool around it. He wanted to get the airiness of the composition, that's why instead of using heavy copper the architect used light bronze. Now his work is considered a symbol of the city. There is a beautiful tradition related to this monument. On the wedding day the newlyweds come to this place and leave flowers at the monument to a long and happy married life.

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It is believed, if just married couple is able to throw a bouquet of flowers in a boat, their marriage will be successful. You can easily get to the monument from the metro station "Dnipro" going through the park to the Dnipro Quay.

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Show on the map Go to the detailed map. I was here. I want to visit. The Monument to the Founders of Kyiv.

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Votes: 1. Yet the towering fluted Doric column was not intended to be merely a reminder of past misfortunes.

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It was designed to show London was looking firmly towards the future, and more importantly to the stars. The Monument was built as a giant telescope, heralding a burgeoning scientific age, where new knowledge would rise from the ashes of the past. The scientists planned to sit at the bottom and look at the stars through a hatch in the top. Constructed from Portland stone, it stands at a height of exactly feet, to mark its distance from the shop of Thomas Farriner, on Pudding Lane, where the blaze began.

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But Hooke and Wren wanted their creation to be more than just a memorial to the calamity. Yet if that was the case then stars should appear to exhibit a back-and-forth motion caused by the changing perspective of the Earth at is swung around the Sun - known as a parallax. Despite countless attempts, the parallax remained an elusive target, and detractors of the Copernican theory claimed the inability to observe the phenomenon proved it was untrue.


H ooke and Wren hoped the great proof would come using The Monument telescope. Yet scientists at the time did not understand the vast distances of the stars and did not have the telescopes that could measure their minute movements as the Earth orbited the Sun.

An annual stellar parralax was not successfully measured until when German Friedrich Bessel captured the faint wobble of star 61 Cygni. But Monument continued to be used as a scientific instrument.