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Kentucky Hauntings: Homespun Ghost Stories and Unexplained History. Roberta Simpson Brown Published by: University Press of Kentucky. Pages:
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Weaving together factual accounts of unexplained events, peculiar headlines, and local legends passed down from a time when most homes lacked electricity, Kentucky Hauntings combines stories with commentary on historic customs. From "telling the bees" about a death in the family, to a friendly "fool's errand" practical joke gone horribly wrong, and from terrifying haunted houses to the lifesaving "Bathtub Ghost," readers are transported to a world of age-old superstitions and paranormal experiences.

Whether shared around the fire on a crisp autumn night or whispered in a huddle of close friends at a summer sleepover, these eerie stories will thrill and excite anyone who loves a good scare.

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Brown have assembled a hair-raising collection of paranormal tales for readers of all ages. The stories present many new and spooky characters, including the deceased great aunt who still rocks in her favorite chair on Mother's Day, the young boy who made good on his promise to return a silver dollar on the Fourth of July, and even the ghost who hated Labor Day. In addition to tales of haunting, the Browns reveal many Appalachian legends and their importance to the storytelling tradition, such as the phantom bells who guide the dead to the other side, and a "chime child" born when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day, who is rumored to be blessed with the gift of second sight.

More than a collection of ghost stories or family legends, Haunted Holidays takes readers on a fireside journey that preserves and promotes oral traditions, revealing the importance of sharing beliefs, traditions, and values with a new generation of listeners. Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

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In PICS , the court specifically affirmed the abstract idea of an integrated society, while invalidating the legal mechanism to move toward that ideal. In practice, the PICS decision allows local school districts to take actions that are effectively segregative—so long as it cannot be shown that districts intend to segregate students racially. In PICs , Brown has been deliberately and substantively weakened.

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This book explains why and warns of the potential long-term costs involved. Like most books relating to education, this one is anchored strongly in its present. If race cannot be factored into desegregation, what other models are there? One answer, clearly acceptable to the Supreme Court, is to rely on the market-driven individualism within socioeconomics—class—to assign students to schools.

The book is clearly written for professionals and is appropriate for any academic collection supporting upper-division teacher education. Libraries serving large or urban school districts might find the book suitable for their collections. Richard Saunders Univ. ISBN If you read it for that reason, you will still be rewarded.

Hutton demonstrates that in order to understand the history of a place, you have to understand the politics and the way political actions are interpreted and explained. There was no feud.

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No Hatfields and McCoys. There was violence, certainly, but it was political violence. Even as violence unfolded, it was described and dismissed by contemporary news outlets as a feud. Present and real violence was always described from the perspective of a fictive past p. Feud was—and still is—used to explain away political violence as morally equivalent violence p. A blood feud can be dismissed out-of-hand. Hutton makes pointed references to George Orwell's works on the use of language to obscure the realities of violence, politics, and political violence.

Hutton applies this realization to the politically-motivated violence in Breathitt County, Kentucky, from the Civil War to the Progressive Era that has often and uncritically been dismissed as feuding. This is not a new discovery. Any casual student of history or politics knows that there are often deliberate political motivations behind what terms are used to describe violence at all levels. Hutton shatters Bloody Breathitt's temporal-otherness, pulling it out of the past into a familiar present. The endnotes are divided by chapter and page, and begins with a list of abbreviations used in the book.

The bibliography is well-organized by primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are divided between archival and published sources, which is further divided into multiple categories. Secondary sources are likewise divided among categories of sources. Bloody Breathitt is suitable for an academic library and research collection specializing in the history of Kentucky, the Appalachian South, Upper South, and general Southern history from the pre-Civil War period to the Progressive Era. On a personal note, as a native Kentuckian, this book is highly recommended for any reader interested in scholarly works dealing with the history of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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In addition to the recipes, the author includes preparation tips and sections on the culture and fans of the schools he visited. Given the large portions created by the recipes in this book, they can also be used for potluck functions. A lot of the recipes are intended to be started ahead of time and prepared on site, so readers should always read the entire recipe if they plan on making it entirely at home. Generally, I was impressed with this cookbook. The range of ingredients and food types is impressive.

I think the book will appeal to a wide audience of readers with a broad level of culinary talent. Some of the recipes are simple, while others require a bit of preparation and precision. My first attempt at a recipe from this book was the hushpuppies page ; they turned out wonderfully and the recipe is quite simple with only a few ingredients. I also made Carrot Hummus page 61 , which was a huge hit!

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Again, this was a hit! The directions for this and the other recipes I tested were clear and straightforward. Perhaps the easiest and tastiest recipe I tried from this book was Sharp Cheddar Beer Bread page , which was so easy and so good that it has already been added to my repertoire.