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Where is it? A worldwide Cataclysm would not only erode rock, it would subsequently deposit massive amounts of it in the form of sedimentary rocks around the globe. These deposits would be on an unprecedented scale, unlike anything we see today. Layer would form upon layer, rapidly, without intervening erosion from the passage of time. Huge numbers of living things would be trapped and buried, forming fossils. In short, a large portion of the geologic record we see beneath our feet would be formed. We would expect most fossils to appear in a rough order from deep sea marine organisms to terrestrial life, based on factors like their ability to flee danger and hydrological sorting of their bodies.

Of course marine organisms would be present at all levels, but land-dwelling life would not be found in the deep sea deposits. We even find marine fossils on the tops of the highest mountains, including Mount Everest, demonstrating that the layers from which the mountains formed were once under water.

Likewise, massive layers like the Morrison formation which contains many dinosaur fossils and the Dakota formation, each covering much of the western United States, reveal a scope of deposition far beyond anything we see in sedimentary deposition today.


‘Revelations,’ by Elaine Pagels

Layers almost invariably lay flat upon one another without evidence of intervening erosion which would occur if they were exposed for any length of time. These layers formed rapidly. Roth In some locations thick sequences of strata are bent and plastically deformed. These bent sequences show that the bottom layers were still soft and unconsolidated when the deformation occurred because otherwise they would have cracked into many sections.

If the evidence is so clear why is it rejected? The answer is found in II Peter 3, quoted above. They would do so by rationalizing that the world would just continue as they thought it had always been. Refuting this, God points to Creation and the Cataclysm and says they deliberately forget about it. Today geologic uniformitarianism is almost universally recognized to have shortcomings and to be unable to explain all geologic data. However, they still try to minimize the evidence for catastrophism by always reverting back to slow and gradual uniformitarianism wherever possible.

Proponents argue that the rapture is the marvel spoken of by Isaiah in the above passage—the man-child representing the Church that will be born before Israel enters the Tribulation. Since the woman apparently has other children according to Revelation 12 such as Gentile Tribulation Saints and the , , the dragon, since he cannot devour the raptured Church, persecutes the woman's other children spoken of later in Revelation Still others, while hailing the sign as an indicator for Rapture, yet emphasize a broader interest in many possible events for its actual manifestation such as the Jewish holidays of September and the solar eclipse of August 21st, A number of critics have offered rebuttals of the purported sign arguing that the sign is not unique or is only astrology.

Critics include Answers in Genesis author Dr. White, [29] Christian blogger and author Tim McHyde. Examples of rebuttals include Faulkner statement that "Jupiter appears in the part of Virgo corresponding to her womb, along with the sun in Virgo and the moon at her feet for a day or two every 12 years or so", [31] and Craig C. White statement that "the Apostle John says that 'there appeared a great wonder in heaven'. He doesn't say 'there will be a great wonder in heaven'. He doesn't tell us to 'look for a great wonder in heaven'", [29] According to Tim McHydes, "Clarke's theory, like all invented prophecy theories, depends on taking a verse out of its context and re-purposing it to serve some new theory.

When you ignore the context of a verse, you are set up to misinterpret it. That's how you turn a solid reliable Bible prophecy into an unreliable quasi-biblical man-made prophecy interpretation. It aired on Audience on September 14, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may need to be rewritten to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. You can help. The discussion page may contain suggestions. July Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.

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